Andreas Chavez

Evolution and Ecology


Dre-B&WAndreas S. Chavez, PhD
Postdoctoral Scientist
Leaché Lab
Department of Biology & Burke Museum
University of Washington
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Welcome! I am a postdoc in Adam Leaché’s lab in the Biology Department at the University of Washington. I am interested in the evolutionary and ecological processes that promote diversification.  Many of  my questions in biology are inspired by natural history and I strive for an integrative research program that synthesizes information from molecular, ecological, behavioral, and computational studies. My dissertation has focused largely on the evolutionary dynamics of a tree squirrel genus (Tamiasciurus), specifically on aspects related to their adaptation and speciation. I am also strongly interested in the conservation of biodiversity. Prior to my PhD program, I worked as a wildlife biologist on endangered species issues, most notably on gray wolf (Canis lupus) research and conservation in Minnesota and Montana. I also possess a strong desire to improve human diversity in the biology profession. My personal experiences as a biologist in academia and in a government agency have strengthened my desire to help improve access and retention of underrepresented minorities in biology.